Oh Well

everything is so cute and green and it makes me happy

I like this really cute/sweet/funny boy and he’s in my math class and I’ve talked to him and we both have gym after that so we walk to gym together but I haven’t talked to him in a couple days cuz I felt a lil but insecure bc he’s more popular than I am but I’m gonna talk to him tomorrow bc I decided idc if he’s out of my league, he’s hot and funny and I’m his only sort of friend in math class so wtvr omg I’m nervous but I’ll talk to him tomorrow I need to!!!!!!!!!!

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My last weekend in New York City
Anonymous: hey how you doing?!??! :) long time since we talked! hope you're doing great and all that! xx



Thanks anon I’m great and I’m guessing this is saltaconmigo? Did u forgot to click it off anon? Aha

aaah…am I THAT easy to guess??? oh well… yeah haha that was me hahah nice to know you’re doing great!! Now that I’m back to classes it’s difficult to keep up with your life 🙈

HAHA don’t worry bout it :)

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Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny, France
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